Best Funded Prop Firms 2024

 Which prop trading firms rank as the best and most trusted in 2024?

Learn about the Top Forex Prop Trading Firms of 2024 based on our Personal Experience!

Proprietary trading firms are growing rapidly, offering excellent conditions for global traders. Choosing the right firm involves considering factors like trading requirements, conditions, customer support, and reputation. At Forex Prop Reviews, we've ranked the top 10 Forex proprietary trading firms for 2024 based on our firsthand experiences.

Top Prop Trading Firm Minimum Account Prop Firm Website
Fxify 10000$ Minimum
Ftmo 10000$ Minimum
Alpha Capital Group 5000$ Minimum
5fers 5000$ Minimum
The funded trader 5000$ Minimum
Funding pip 5000$ Minimum
Myfundedfx 5000$ Minimum
Skilled funded trader 5000$ Minimum
Rocket21 5000$ Minimum
FundedNext 60000 Minimum
Blueguardian 10000$ Minimum
Union wealth management 10000$ Minimum
For Traders 5000$ Minimum
Fortune Funding 10000$ Minimum
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