Important Update: March Trading Competitions at The Funded Trader

Important Update: March Trading Competitions at The Funded Trader

In a recent development, The Funded Trader announces crucial adjustments to its March trading competitions, impacting both the Monthly and Weekly Competitions originally scheduled.

Due to an ongoing migration to the advanced DXTrade platform, TheFunded Trader has made the strategic decision to cancel the aforementioned competitions for the month of March. This temporary pause is part of our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology, ensuring a seamless transition, and ultimately enhancing the overall trading experience for participants.

Despite the temporary disruption, traders can anticipate a resumption of the regular competition schedule in April, promising an array of engaging and rewarding opportunities.

The Funded Trader expresses gratitude for the understanding and patience exhibited by its valued traders during this transitional period. The migration to DXTrade marks a significant step towards elevating operational efficiency and refining the quality of competitions offered.

For any inquiries or concerns related to this update, The Funded Trader encourages traders to connect with our dedicated Support Team, standing by to provide assistance.

Stay tuned for further developments as The Funded Trader remains committed to delivering an enhanced and exciting trading environment for its esteemed community.

In conclusion, The Funded Trader announces the temporary cancellation of March trading competitions due to a migration to DXTrade, ensuring a more advanced and rewarding trading experience. We appreciate traders' understanding and anticipate the resumption of competitions in April, promising an improved platform for an enhanced trading journey.

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